Common foot related problems 

Central Podiatry Clinic in Birmingham is a well respected and expert clinic offering the latest innovations in Podiatry for a range of foot related problems. 

Corns and Calluses 

Painful lesions which hurt when walking or in footwear. Our expert Podiatrist can provide relieving chiropody treatments leaving YOU reviatlised. 

Diabetes Problems 

Regular checks of the foot can ensure no complications arise with nerves or blood flow, conducted by a fully qualified Chiropodist. 


Hard skin, cracked skin and fissures around the heels which can be painful. As Chiropodists we often look after what is typically seen as the most neglected part of the body. 

Foot Pain 

In any instance of foot pain we reccomend a Biomechanical Assesment to which the Podiatrist will study the movement in the joints,muscles and bones to prescribe you custom insoles. 


From ingrown nails to thickened nails and fungal nails which can be treated with the latest in laser technology by our highly qualified Podiatrists in Birmingham. 

Verruca and Warts 

Can become painful and unsightly, We have the latest in innovations including laser & microwave therapy our expert team of Podiatrists have a solution for you! 

Foot treatment prices & costs  

Full Chiropody/Podiatry Treatment 
Biomechanics with 3D foot scan 
Nail Fungus Consultation 
Bespoke Orthotics - Insoles 
£55 - £250 
Fungal Nail Treatment - One Foot Gold Standard Lasers 
Fungal Nail Treatment - Both Feet Gold Standard Lasers 
Verruca treatments (Initial treatment) (acid/cryo/laser) 
From £30 - £55 
Verruca Top up treatments (acid/cryo/laser) 
From £30 - £55 
Ingrown Nails Surgery 
£275 - £325 

Well Equipped Clinics In the Birmingham area. 

Edgbaston Clinic 
351 Hagley Rd Edgbaston Birmingham B17 8DL 
Wolverhampton Clinic  
Beechwood House 
7 Summerfield Rd WV1 4PR 
Sutton Coldfield Clinic 
43 Boldmere Rd 
Sutton Coldfield B73 5UY 
32 High St 
Solihull B91 3TB 
152 New Road Rubery 
B45 9JA 

Chiropodist treatments available in Birmingham 

Whatever on going issues you suffer from our expert Podiatrists in Birmingham can help get you back on your feet in no time at all. 

Our team of Highly experinced podiatrist have a combined clinical Experience of 60+ years......Your in safe hands. 
The latest facilities available at our Birmingham clinics for a variety of foot problems. Conducted by the leading foot specialists.  
We understand you're busy so we can work to your schedule and ensure everything is done to suit you. We have evening,weekend & same day appointments available.  
Different treatment options and prices tailored to suit you and your circumstances by our team of Podiatrists in Birmingham. 
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