Achilles Tendon Pain Treatment in Birmingham 

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment 

Achilles Tendon pain, or achilles tendonitis involves pain at the back of the ankle above the heel. The pain is often severe and makes walking and doing exercise difficult. If left untreated, the pain often gradually worsens over weeks or months. Therefore it is really important to treat your Achilles tendonitis. 
At Central Podiatry Clinic in Birmingham we are on hand to provide high quality assistance to our customers who need prompt help. If you need assistance with your tendon pain contact us today. 

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Pain anywhere in the body can be debilitating but Achilles tendon pain is particularly annoying as it hinders movement and can occur even when you are stationary. Luckily we can provide professional help to treat your tendon pain. 
It is a chronic pain of the achilles tendon (joins the calf and lower leg muscles to the heel of the foot), and often occurs due to overuse, for example by running. The initial overuse of the tendon may only result in slight tenderness, but if you continue to overuse it, the pain will quickly worsen and make exercise extremely painful. 
It is important to see a chiropodist so that problems such as verruca’s, corns and ingrown toenails can be diagnosed and treated effectively and accurately. Mis-diagnosis is a common problem seen daily in our clinics, so we strive to rectify foot-related problems in a professional and efficient manner. 
Pain at the back of the ankle above the heel, which may develop gradually or suddenly. The pain is usually worse in the morning, and will gradually ease as you begin to use the joint. Exercise exacerbates the pain. 
The most effective way to avoid achilles tendonitis is to immediately rest and stop exercise at the first signs of tendon pain. Gentle stretching of the tendon, calf and Plantar fasciitis can all help to ease the pain if done in moderation, which our Chiropodists would demonstrate to you. Strengthening the muscles associated with the tendon has also proven to help 

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Do you struggle with persistent, nagging Achilles tendon pain? 

The most important method of pain relief is to rest as soon as discomfort begins. Here at Central Podiatry Clinic in Birmingham, we can perform a comprehensive assessment if the pain persists. 

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Whether you call it Chiropody or Podiatry, at the Central Podiatry Clinic in Birmingham we provide a 5-star service for all clients. Our professional approach is second to none and we always aim to fix your foot problems with a strong focus on aftercare. 
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